Kapro’s innovative tools give the drywall installation specialist a working advantage.

Through making two person jobs into single person tasks, multi-use tools, ergonomic designs and other unique features, we help our users get their work done faster, easier and more accurately. Using our specialized creative process of Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT), Kapro’s innovation team consistently produces the groundbreaking designs that have built us a reputation as the innovation leader.

If it’s a Kapro spirit level, laser level, or layout, marking and measuring tool, you can be sure it will be easy to use, extremely accurate and rugged enough to last in the tough conditions of the workplace.

Innovative Products & Features

872 Prolaser Plus

The all-new 872 Prolaser Plus is a free standing cross laser with powerful features for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.

The 872 makes leveling and angular layout easier and more accurate than ever.

The 872 is designed with powerful laser beams that project two highly visible intersecting lines – horizontal and vertical – at a perfect 90° angle. It has a working indoor range of up to a 100ft (30m) and an outdoor range of 165’ (50m) with a detector.

773 Stud Layout Level

The 773 Stud Layout Level makes stud layout and installation significantly easier by magnetically holding metal studs in position. This innovative design removes the need for a tape measure and insures that your studs are aligned perfectly from top to bottom.

783 Electrician’s Level – Perfect Power Sockets

The 783 Electrician’s Level is a heavy duty box level with a tough aluminum profile and 2 solid acrylic vials – horizontal and vertical and shock absorbing end caps to protect the level’s integrity.

Kapro’s team has innovatively designed the 783 with four large, rubberized markers along the top of the level’s profile. The markers’ unique V-shape allows for easy marking along the wall using any size marking utensil including, pencil, marker or chalk. You don’t need to strain to put a one size pencil into a small hole like other marking levels. The markers are accurately set at the standard socket installation points of 71mm from the center of the socket to the next center of the socket. Just line up the 783 along the line you want and mark for perfect socket placement.

893 T-Laser

The 893 T-Laser®  – Clip-on 90° marking laser

This Kapro invention allows carpenters and drywall contractors to mark exact 90° lines over a long piece of wood or drywall for free-form cutting.

Instead of using traditional tools, which demand repeat measuring and marking, you can just slide the T-Laser™ on the edge of the board, and cut along the 90° laser line. You don’t even need to switch it on – the power switch is pressure-activated.

Set & Match® Ruler with Sliding Bubble Vial

Set & Match® Ruler with Sliding Bubble Vials

The Set & Match® is the perfect leveling and measuring device. It combines a level with moveable vials and a ruler, eliminating the need for a separate ruler or tape measure.

The Set & Match® Advantages

  • Vials mounted on sliding “clamps” allow for simultaneous measuring and aligning
  • Measures distances between two points (shelves, cabinets) much more efficiently and accurately

318 Electrical Outlet Marker

The simple layout tool for accurate drywall outlet installation

Marking drywall and other conventional wall materials for cutting holes for electrical outlets can be frustrating and costly when you don’t get the cut right.

Kapro has designed an innovative tool that makes measuring and marking wall boards easy and accurate – the 318 Electrical Outlet Marker
Its simple design is made up of two interlocking squares that you can adjust by simply loosening the lock and sliding.

Each square has a spirit level vial to you can level and plumb the marking after you have taken the outlet box’s measurement.

211 Chalk Line Set 100’

211 Plumb Bob Chalk Line Set

The 211 Chalk Line is a traditional plumb bob design, with molded Easygrip™ casing, and is sold as a value-set with 4 oz (113g) blue chalk bottle.

65′ (20m) line and 3 oz (85g) capacity.