As any tradesperson knows, the quality of the job depends not just on skill but on using the right tools. And no professional contractor would be without a top-quality spirit level. Kapro is one of the world’s leading level manufacturers, with the most comprehensive range of levels available today, offering the right measuring solution for every tradesperson and for every job.

In 1997, we introduced our Plumb Site® Dual-View™ vial, perhaps the most important innovation in conventional builder’s levels in the last century. The Plumb Site® offers the conventional side view of the plumb vial and the unique front view, eliminating parallax error, increasing accuracy, reducing neck and eye strain, increasing vertical visibility, enhancing line of sight, and saving valuable work time on large vertical alignment jobs.

Kapro’s range includes box section levels, I-beam levels, toolbox levels, post and pipe levels, gradient levels and construction levels. Kapro’s professional aluminum levels are renowned for their precision and toughness, and are the only spirit levels whose stated level accuracy is certified by the prestigious VPA laboratory.