Newsletter # 01

January 2014

Annabelle’s Marketing Memos

In 2013, we have seen the popularity of our products grow in some key markets throughout the world. As we prepared for 2014 we intended to build on this momentum and re-enforce our marketing support toward our customer chain.

For starters, Kapro is kicking off the year with a complete new look and design of our website at It is the only place you will need to go to get product information, Kapro news and more. We have designed the site with our partners, distributors and end-users in mind. This meant including detailed specifications with ease of use and we think you will appreciate the result. So, be sure to visit us at and have a look around. In the coming months we will translate this site in additional languages.

For our customers in the United States, we have launched our Shop Kapro Online site ( Here you can find a complete selection of Kapro tools for purchase with free shipping anywhere in the continental US.

Our marketing team is now preparing for the International Hardware Fair in Cologne Germany on March 9th. This year we will have our products and marketing information on display in our large 80 square meter exhibition where you can come speak with our regional sales managers and find out what is new for Kapro Industries. We are looking forward to seeing many of our partners from around the world and meeting new businesses and potential distributors as well.

These are only a few of the projects that Kapro has planned for first part of 2014. Be sure to keep up with us on our website and get additional news by visiting us on Facebook and liking our page

In the rest of this issue we have included some articles on products that have received some special attention in the last few months. As always, these products are being designed with the innovative features and quality standards that give added value to every tool in Kapro’s line.

We look forward to a good and successful year in our common plans to expand.

Annabelle Evenhaime

VP Sales & Marketing

The OPTIVISION™ Red Family

In the latter part of 2010 Kapro developed and introduced the unique and patented OPTIVISION™ Red feature – a true game-changer. This feature has been one of the most innovative ideas in spirit level design since Kapro’s introduction of the Plumb Site® Dual-View™ vial.

We integrated this cutting-edge feature into our best-selling 905 Condor Box Level, producing one of the most popular spirit levels on the market today. The 905 Condor with OPTIVISION™ Red  set a standard that has not been surpassed.

So what is so unique about OPTIVISION™ Red? The vial creates the effect of strong color definition around the spirit level’s horizontal bubble, in stark contrast to the white vial background and clear liquid. The color contrast makes the bubble edges significantly easier to see, for fast and accurate placement between the vial’s reading lines.

Since then Kapro designed two more cast levels featuring OPTIVISION™ Red – the 930 SmartCast and the 935 Torpedo. These cast levels provide the professional masonry contractor and tiler the perfect tool for every job.

Kapro knows that mason’s and need a level to do more than just find a flat surface. They need them to withstand repeated trowel blows when setting tiles, a straight edge for layout marking and, of course, an easy to read vial for clear and accurate leveling when they are crouched in some uncomfortable positions.

For all of these jobs, Kapro’s 930 SmartCast and 10’ Torpedo levels with OPTIVISION™ Red are relied upon by professional masons around the world as some of the toughest and most accurate cast levels available.

OPTIVISION™ Red is a patented Kapro design and is available now for your spring promotions.


370 Kaprometer K4 Laser Distance Measurer

The powerful and easy-to-use Laser Distance Measurer

Laser distance measurers can be found in almost every tool box these days, even the non-professional’s. The market is becoming more competitive, especially in the area of DIY users. They want a reliable and accurate tool that is easy to use.

Kapro has designed its new 370 Kaprometer K4 Laser Distance Measurer with those needs in mind. It has the power and accuracy the professional requires and the ease of use that the DIY customer is looking for.

884 Prolaser® Layout Set

The perfect package for the first time laser buyer…

The Prolaser® 884 Layout Set has everything the customer needs to layout, align or level the project in one easy-to-carry hard case at a great price.

The set includes the Prolaser® 884 laser unit, a sturdy tripod, laser target and Beamfinder glasses.

The Prolaser® 884 unit features:

  • 5 clear intersecting layout lines (4 vertical, 1 horizontal, plumb dot below the unit)
  • Accuracy: 1mm@5m (0.05″@20′)
  • Indoor range up to 10m (33’) and an outdoor range with laser detector (sold separately) of 30m (100’).

The set is designed for a wide variety of applications including:

  • Hanging cabinets and shelves
  • Tiling
  • Framing and aligning windows and doors

The Prolaser® 884 is the best laser value available. ORDER NOW!

Stand Out on ALL SIDES!

A Special Offer from Kapro…

Kapro believes our products deserve a proper presentation in any location they are being sold.

Therefore, we have designed a range of store displays from the full color cardboard countertop displays to the freestanding metal floor racks.

The 3-side metal floor display is an attractive and sturdy unit that is sure to get the attention of the customers in the aisle.

This rack style display stands at around 5 feet tall (150cm) and nearly 2 feet wide (52cm), providing plenty of space for mounting dozens of Kapro tools.

At the top of the display are full color banners with the Kapro logo on all sides.

The display rides on three heavy-duty wheels so it is easy to move and store.

Quality professional tools need an attractive presentation and we at Kapro do our best to support our distributors and retailers in doing just that.

Available Now!!!

Contact your Kapro Sales Manager for a very special offer on our 3-side display!