Newsletter #18

June 2014

Annabelle’s Marketing Memos

Something New!

Kapro invests an enormous amount of time and resources in research & development. Over the years we have built a reputation as an industry leader in innovation. Our products are known to provide our customers with a competitive advantage through added value, cutting edge designs and practical “real-world” benefits. We believe that our development team should work harder so our customers don’t have to.

In the first quarter of 2014 we introduced new products and improvements to our range that we are very proud of, including:

  • 995 Vulcan™ Professional Box Level

    The new generation in professional box levels – priced for every customer

  • 985D Digiman Level – with Laser Pointer

    The highest quality traditional level design with the built in advantage of precision technology

  • 318 Electrical Outlet Marker

    The simple and ingenious tool design that makes outlet layout and marking easy and accurate

  • 341 Mini Postrite® Level

    Convenient to carry, store and use – the tough and accurate post level

You can find out all the details about these new products in the following articles of the newsletter.

Landmark year for Kapro’s design team

2014 will be an unprecedented year in the achievements of Kapro’s design and development department. In addition to the products mentioned above, we have already started production on many more new items in each of our product categories with a planned release throughout the year. These will complement our impressive and cutting-edge product line and unquestionably secure our position as the industry’s leading manufacturer of innovative tools.

We are looking forward to sharing these exciting developments with you and will of course keep our partners and distributors updated. Our next newsletter will include a full review of the products.

So, we invite you to read further and be in contact with us if you have any questions or comments.

KAPRO… Continuing to Innovate!

995 Vulcan Professional Box Level

 The New Generation

Once again, Kapro’s innovation and design team has bridged the price/quality gap with the 995 Vulcan™ – the new generation.

The Vulcan™ has all the innovative features that our customers have come to expect and that professional contractors rely on at a price that works for everyone.

Starting with the level’s body, we built the 995 to be strong with a reinforced aluminum casing with two finely milled surfaces and one V-Groove for easy placement on pipes and curved surfaces.

To protect the level, we added rubber shockproof end caps for superior impact absorption.

The level’s large handle aperture is comfortable for larger hands and still has a comfortable soft-feel touch with an Ergonomic bi-material grip.

The 995 is also available with rare-earth magnets for hands-free leveling.

Shockproof End-Caps

The 995 Vulcan™ is equipped with 3 epoxy locked solid acrylic vials and vial housings, including Kapro’s patented Plumb Site® Dual-View™ vialwhichprovidesthe clearest direct view of the vertical vial without the need to twist or bend your neck for side viewing.

The horizontal vial is magnified for a clear view of the bubble between the reading lines.

All of the level’s vials are guaranteed to have an accuracy of ± 0.5 mm/m at level and in all plumb positions and come with a lifetime warranty.

Magnified horizontal vial

The 995 Vulcan™ is the new generation in professional box levels – innovative features at the right price.

985D Digiman® Digital Level – Now with Laser Pointer

Combining the best of traditional level design with extreme digital accuracy…

The 985D Digiman® level is a strong and versatile level for measuring every angle from level to plumb.

The Digiman® incorporates all the exclusive features of the best-selling 985 Apollo™ professional box level in a rugged digital model for slope measuring with the extreme accuracy of 0.1º level and plumb and 0.2º all other angles.

It features Kapro’s patented Plumb Site® Dual-View™ vial. Plumb Site® offers the traditional side view of the horizontal vial and the unique front view making it easier to read, eliminates neck and eye strain and improves accuracy.

The Digital component features a Memory function for storing up to 9 measurements with a HOLD option for keeping the measurements on the display screen. The MODE function can be set for readouts in degrees, percentage or pitch and an audible “buzzer” is sounded when you find level or plumb. The backlit LCD display is tilted for easy viewing and the readout display flips when the level is inverted.

You can use the recalibration function to set a false zero for gradient and slope measuring.

The 985D Digiman® has a reinforced aluminum box section profile that will not twist or bend, guaranteeing an accurate leveling surface and straight marking line. It is equipped with shockproof end caps that protect the level from knocks and falls and is available with strong rare-earth magnets for hands-free measuring.

For measuring slopes in relation to distant points, the Digiman® features a laser pointer that is projected from the end of the level. The laser has a working range of 100’ (30m).

The 985D Digiman® comes in an attractive package with an open view of the digital display and horizontal vial and its primary features shown on the box face. A custom carrying bag is included.

Available lengths:

  • 60cm (24”)
  • 120cm (48”)

318 Electrical Outlet Marker

The simple layout tool for accurate drywall outlet installation

Marking drywall and other conventional wall materials for cutting holes for electrical outlets can be frustrating and costly when you don’t get the cut right.

Kapro has designed an innovative tool that makes measuring and marking wall boards easy and accurate.

Its simple design is made up of two interlocking squares that you can adjust by simply loosening the lock and sliding.

Each square has a spirit level vial to you can level and plumb the marking after you have taken the outlet box’s measurement.


  • Two easily adjustable, interlocking squares
  • Two vials for easy level and plumb alignment
  • Vial Accuracy: ±1mm
  • ABS

The 318 Measure and Mark is available in a full color countertop display.

No more fiddling with rulers and tapes and ending up with a damaged wall board. The 318 Measure and Mark gets the job done easily and accurately.

341 Mini Postrite® Level

Post, Pipe and Sign Level

Kapro introduces the post level that is convenient to carry and store, easy-to-use and professionally accurate.

The 341 Mini Postrite® Level’s compact design makes it convenient to carry in your tool belt or box. It has 3 easy-to-read vials

  • Convenient, compact size with 3 easy to-read vials
  • Nail hole for mounting to wooden posts
  • Polymer body is durable, lightweight, and scratchproof

Strong magnetic strips and elastic mounting band insure that the level always stays firmly in place on the measuring point.

Available in 12 piece display